Risks and Benefits of Using Waist Trainers

The most coveted hourglass body shape has been a centuries old dream for women dating back to as old as the Victorian times.  The recent endorsement of waist trainers by famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba has made the use of waist trainers a new fashion statement.  These celebrities are using waist trainers to have a properly toned and firm waistline and get rid of their belly fat. Before adapting the latest in vogue trend of waist training one must cautiously study and weigh the risks and benefits of waist trainers and then make an informed decision.  

benefits waist trainerBenefits of Waist Trainers

The use of waist trainers provides physical as well as health benefits. Wearing waist trainers involves gradual correction and reduction of one’s waistline which results in an overall thinner appearance and a smaller waistline.  Moreover, the health benefits of waist trainer include posture control and back support. The cinching and binding effect of the waist trainers aids in getting rid of the back fat and also aids in controlling the posture.  Waist trainers also provide abdominal support which in turn helps in avoiding overeating and having the right sitting posture during the day.

Waist trainers have also been fruitful for new moms who have been struggling to revert back to their pre-pregnancy waist size. After child birth, waist trainers could serve as an effective tool for controlling the waistline and tightening the belly fat.  In this manner, waist trainers are beneficial for the postpartum weight reduction process.

Risks of Waist Trainers

risks-waist-trainerThe benefits of an object are also associated with its risks and waist trainers are not any exception in this case. The greatest risk posed by the use of waist trainers is chance of organ compression. It is due to this risk that the prolonged use of waist trainers has been strictly prohibited.  However, experts argue that this risk is only presented by the improper use of waist trainers and proper use of waist trainers might never cause such risks. 

Waist trainers have also been criticized for the feeling of uneasiness they present and the decreased capacity of breathing caused by them. These risks also greatly depend on the tightening of the waist trainer and gradually tightening it would prevent the probability of such risks. Other possible risks of waist trainers include acid reflux, muscle weakness, deformation of lungs, stomach and liver, reshaping of bones, and reduced core strength. These risks however, are dependent on the type of waist trainer, how tight it is worn, and the period for which it is used.

One must carefully weigh the risks and benefits of waist trainers before deciding upon their use. Waist training effectively reduces the natural waist size and helps in achieving the coveted hourglass figure but this involves healthy diet, regular exercise, and correct use of waist trainers.

2 Highest Rated Nutri Ninja Blenders to Choose From

Blenders have become a must have appliance in every kitchen. Without a blender you cannot think of preparing smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, dips, purees, baby food and much more. If you still don’t own a blender, you are missing out on a lot of good things that are only possible with a blender. Many brands and varieties are available to choose from but only some live up to the expectations of the user. Nutri Ninja is a well known brand for producing blenders which was started by SharkNinja Operating LLC. SharkNinja began in Canada in 1995 and quickly gained popularity all over the world for the versatile and convenient appliances they produced. Here are the top 2 highest rated nutri ninja blender reviews for you:

Ninja CT682SP Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer, Black

  • It includes 4 attachments o fulfill all your processing and blending needs. It has a touch screen base which identifies the attachment you are using and displays the pre-set options specific for that attachment. In total, you have access to 12 pre-programmed settings.
  • The touch screen is easy to use and clean along with the sturdy base.
  • Its 1200 watts motor and strong stainless steel blades can painlessly pulverize anything in seconds.
  • It includes a 72 oz. blending jar, personal blending cup with 24 ounce capacity, food processing bowl with a capacity of 8 cups and also an Auto-Spiralizer.
  • All the components are made with BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe for convenient cleanup.

Ninja 1000 Watts Blender NJ600CO

  • This is a professional grade blender with an elegant design to give a classy look to your kitchen and a powerful performance with its 1000 watts heavy-duty motor.
  • It includes an assembly of 6 blades which are placed at strategic locations along the length of the pitcher which along with the powerful motor generate a ‘Total Crushing Technology’ which can blend and process tough ingredients and crush ice with complete ease and in very little time.
  • It has a large pitcher with a capacity of 72 ounces which can easily make enough smoothies to feed all the family members or a group of friends. The pitcher is made with BPA-free plastic and can be placed in the dishwasher along with the lid and blades for easier cleanup.


3 Easy Ways To Use Your Food Processor

Cooking can be so cumbersome if electronics were to be taken away from our lives! Thanks to living in the 21st century, we have all the machinery possible at our expense. Yet, there are so many women who face the dilemma of choosing between good food processors and wondering to themselves – do I really need this food processor?

The answer is: Yes! Of course, you do! A lot of women fear the size of these processors, so to brush off all your preconceived notions about food processors – no, not all food processors are massive multi jar machines that take up all of your kitchen counter space! Read on to find out about some sleek investments and three quick ways  you can go about for enhancing your mouth-watering meals!

If you are on the lookout for the purchase: great, best food processor – reviews & top picks can helps you in making your decision easier. Let’s look at all the different things food processors can do for you. You can start experimenting with the basic that is, using it to chop onions, but once you get past that, you’d be impressed by your own skills!

Make kebabs and mince meat:

Everyone has their own take on buying meat, but personally, it would be a no- brainer to think how unhygienic some of the pre-ground meat in the market really is! Yikes. So, if you have a little bit of the cleanliness OCD in you, then let’s not risk it and prepare it at home. Despite what you may have heard, the task is not all you make it out be – it’s quite simple actually.

This multi -purpose processor is sharp enough to slice through large lumps of lamb in no time. You can simply plunk in all the ingredients required to make mutton kofta or kebab, and let the processor do its magic!


This tedious ordeal can be completed within a matter of seconds. You no longer have to do this manually, whilst ending up getting serious muscle cramps. Here’s the catch: Just take the cream and put in the processor and viola! Your butter is ready in a minute!

Make delicious chutney:

I think there are a hundred ways to make chutney and its taste varies across cultures, but our personal favorite is the original authentic chutney which original led to more experimental flavors. It is considered to be a great dip for most foods, and is widely enjoyed by vegans and meat lovers alike! However, as opposed to taking about an hour to make one, food processors have made life so much easier by just sitting on your counter. Instead of making the mix yourself, you can put in all the requirements down the chute and slowly add in the desired amount of water, and you’ll have the most scrumptious chutney ever made. Try it out!