Cooking In an Electric Pressure Cooker

Are you tired of spending all day preparing food in your kitchen? I have the perfect solution for you. Bring home an electric pressure cooker which not only cooks food 70% faster than you would dream of by cooking in any other appliance, but it also eliminates the need for you to even be in the kitchen while the food is cooking.

Here are some tips for you to follow to use electric pressure cooker safely and to get the most out of it:

Don’t overfill the cooker:

It is advisable not to fill the container of your electric pressure cooker to more than two-third its capacity. Leave some space for the food to expand while it is cooking. If you are cooking beans, do not fill the cooker to more than half its capacity as beans expands more. If you fill it to more than the advised level, it will not only result in uneven cooking, but you will also be risking the pressure plugs to be blocked by food.

Adding enough liquid:

The liquid that you add with the ingredients makes the pressure cooker work. The pressure cooker works by trapping steam which is produced when the liquid boils. For this to happen, you need to add enough liquid. The amount of liquid that is to be added depends on the recipe, but in general, about 1 cup liquid should work fine.

Don’t add too much liquid:

Electric Pressure CookerAddition of too much liquid can also be a problem. Since electric pressure cooker cooks food in a sealed environment, much less evaporation is involved as compared to conventional cooking. If you add a lot of liquid, you will have to cook it later without the lid in order to make the broth thicker. The more you cook the food, the more flavors it will lose. You don’t want that!

Different ingredients require different cooking times:

If your recipe calls for multiple ingredients to be added to the pressure cooker, take a while to consider how much time each requires to cook. For example vegetables take lesser time to cook than meat. So if you are adding meat and vegetables to the dish, don’t put them in the cooker at the same time. Add the vegetables towards the end of the cooking cycle to avoid overcooking them. For more instructions and guide with reviews, you can learn on

Foods to avoid:

There are some ingredients that should be avoided when cooking in an electric pressure cooker. These include rice, pasta, oatmeal, cereals and similar ingredients as they do not turn out well when cooked in a pressure cooker. In addition, they also risk the pressure release of getting blocked.

Read the instruction manual:

Before operating your electric pressure cooker for the first time, it is important that you read the manual carefully and understand its operation completely to make the perfect meals and to use the pressure cooker safely.