What to Look for in a Gas Grill

With summertime just around the corner, it is important to look for an engaging hobby which will make you spend some hours outside in fresh air and under the sun and also allow you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. On that note, grilling is the best summer activity to consider getting involved in and all you need is meat, good company, and a gas grill. For first time grillers it is important to make an informed decision about what kind of best gas grills to buy so that you can experience an efficient grilling process and mouthwatering flavor in your food. This is a short walk through of what to look for when buying a gas grill.


A lid on a gas grill, like any other lid, can be brought down or kept up over the grill’s grates. Keeping the lid closed helps with heat retention and ensures that thick meat like ribs, steaks, and chicken are cooked to perfection. Without a lid you might have less control over what you can cook on your grill and you might be restricted to making only easier foods like burgers and thinner meat. Unfortunately, not all gas grills come with a pre-installed lid and you might want to look for one which does if you need to cook tougher meats and want to ensure that they are cooked to the core.


A gas grill is usually stored out in the open or in a garage. No matter the case, a grill cover should be draped onto the grill to cover its surface from top to bottom. This will make sure that dust does not accumulate on the grill and clog the burners, and that the grill is protected from rust and other forms of degeneration. It will keep moisture and rainwater out. Many grill brands offer custom crafted covers for their grills which can be purchased from them; however, you can also create your own grill cover.


It is good to look for a grill which has multiple burners. A two burner grill is perfect for ‘2-zone cooking’; a technique where you put one set of burners on high heat and another on low heat to cook the meat and crisp it separately and in little time. Make sure that if you are buying a gas grill with multiple burners, the heat distribution across all burners is not even so that you actually get a higher and a lower temperature environment to cook in.

Convection or Infrared

The two main types of gas grills are convection and infrared grills. Convection grills are traditional grills in which heat is transferred from the burners to an intermediate material and then to the food by convection and conduction. Infrared grills are newer and heat is transmitted to the food by radiation. The only advantage of infrared grills is that they provide better heating, less moisture escape from food, and more browning.

Research is key to buying a gas grill and this could involve looking for answers online or going on a live grill hunt in the market. We hope that this guide helped you to distinguish between the different characteristics of gas grills and will aid you in purchasing your own.