Massage Chair for a Message

Do you know messages are not new? They are very ancient techniques used for relaxation and sometimes even for medical purpose. Nowadays they are very common especially among the working people due to workload. In recent times, there is a rapid increase in stress and tension among the people because of the busy and lousy schedule. Due to day-to-day increase in pressure, we suffer from pain in our daily life. Sometime I feel like I need a break but I can’t, we cant have break we need to work to survive in this world. If we are so retarded and tired, how are we supposed to work productively? The best way to get rid of this tiredness and laziness is to get a massage at least one or twice in a week. Since massage are very common throughout the world there is always a lot of crowd in the spas and salons that provide the facility of massages, we need to make appointments for weeks before. There is on issue that is very huge due to which massages from a massage chair is better than massages from these salons and spas. What if you are feeling very tired on the middle of the week due to very hard day at work and you have to go through all those hardships again tomorrow. It will surely cause you trouble and your work and mood will be disturbed because you cannot have massage as you don’t have an appointment and due to which you are still stressed.

This the one main reason that makes massage chair a better option for a massage but there are surely other many reason that most of us don’t know but they are very beneficial. That is why we will discuss some other advantages of massage chairs other than this.

Not only stress or pain, massages are very beneficial for curing anxiety, depression and dissatisfaction of heart. We all know how busy we are, sometimes we can get tired but that not all due to rude behavior of society or sometimes even due to our own mistakes we become a patient of depression and anxiety. In addition, a friend of mine suffer from these illness, it causes him many sleepless nights. The best way cure these illnesses are to consult a doctor and on the other hand as a plus point, we can use a massage therapy on a regular basis to cure these illnesses.

Moreover, for athletes a best massage chair can be very beneficial, as an athlete needs to work hard and practice almost every day. Due to which they have muscle pain or any other minor injury on the daily basis. Massages can rely help them to cure the pain in no time. That is why it’s very beneficial for them to own a massage chair so that they can have massage whenever they need. These were some reasons that proves that owning a massage chair is much more beneficial than a massage therapy with the help of a professional therapist.

Permanent Hair Removal with intended Pulsated Light Treatments

Most men and women who strive to get rid of excess hair growth often use the help of many temporary hair removal techniques such as shaving and waxing as well as permanent methods such as laser, electrolysis, and intense pulsated light treatments. Here is an in depth about permanent hair removal with intense pulsated light treatments.

What is Intended Pulsated Light Treatment?

Intense pulsated light treatment is a permanent hair removal technology that uses a range of different frequencies of white light to destroy the follicles from which hair originates. The rays of light are usually administered in pulses or rather wave-like patterns. After about 5-6 pulses of intense heat, the hair is destroyed. Due to the intense heat subjected on the skin, a gel is used to cool it down.

People with all types of hair can benefit from hair removal treatment. However, compared to other types of hair, darker hair often takes more time to respond to permanent hair removal. This is because the melanin content in the hair is concentrated and for the follicles to be damaged, more heat has to be absorbed.


Intense pulsated light treatment has proven to be every effective in permanent hair removal. Many men and women have embraced this technology.

Studies have found that up to 85%-90% of hair can be permanently removed after a few rounds of treatments. In most cases, a one-time treatment is required, although some may have to undergo a series of treatments to achieve the desired results.


Compared to temporary hair removal methods, intense pulsated light treatment is very effective in hair removal. With shaving or waxing, it only takes a few days to weeks for the hair to grow back. This is unlike intense pulsated light treatment which removes the hair permanently. You’ll never again have to endure the waxing pain or the hassles that come with shaving every few days.

Another significant advantage of this hair removal process in that there is no likelihood of damaging the skin, unlike the laser technology. Also, the treatment is suited for all types of skin, whether dark or brown. The treatment can also be altered depending on the skin type, texture of skin, hair color, hair thickness, and other factors.

The time taken to complete one session is usually about 30-60 minutes. This is a short period compared to other hair removal processes. Also, a short recovery time is needed as the skin often becomes red and some swollen bumps are visible. They usually clear within 3-4 days. ConsumerStuf  provides you best product reviews of all categories. No matter you like to purchase the hair growth products or hoverboards, treadmills etc.

Care Tips

  • Avoid exposing the treated area to the sun as your skin is more susceptible to sunburns
  • Avoid waxing, tweezing, shaving, and sugaring in between the sessions to avoid irritating the skin.

Although it is a bit more expensive compared to other hair removal treatments, permanent hair removal with intended pulsated light treatments is currently one of the best and most effective hair removal technologies.